Clare Manuel Counselling and Psychotherapy - Portsmouth

Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Both counselling and psychotherapy provide space for you to explore whatever it is that may be troubling you, in a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment. Whether it be a current issue or a legacy from the past, by talking with someone from outside your normal situation, it is possible to gain greater self awareness which then makes change possible.

Generally I see counselling as working short term over a period of weeks or months with a more specific focus e.g. a single current issue in your life. Psychotherapy is a longer term option offering the opportunity to explore deeper patterns of relating. We all have a tendancy to repeat the same patterns in our lives, particularly in our relationships with others and ourselves. Psychotherapy offers the possibility to identify and understand these patterns. From this insight comes the potential for change.

Although there are many different theoretical approaches, it is the quality of the therapeutic relationship that is central to the effectiveness of therapy. For this reason it is important that you choose to work with someone with whom you can relate and feel comfortable. I work by exploring your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and physical responses, going at your pace, being both supportive and gently challenging.

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